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Analytics and Forecasting: Success story

Client & Challenge:

Client: A pharmaceutical major

Challenge: For nearly a century, this pharmaceutical company has been creating and distributing medicines that saved millions of lives across the globe. After enjoying decades of impressive growths riding on the success of its blockbuster drugs, this company now encounters the perils of changing market dynamics. The company is now looking to streamline operations and the management has realized that it has built large amounts of inventory. Management turned to Aspect Ratio to help decrease its inventories and shape processes.

Issues Involved:

  • Each department in the company had its own product forecast and these were not synchronized with each other
  • Highly erratic trans-border sales were causing a lot the forecasts to go haywire
  • ¬†Outdated and non-standardized forecasting processes were used, which did not leverage latest statistical and modeling techniques

Aspect Ratio Approach:

After studying the existing processes and systems, Aspect Ratio developed processes that transformed demand planning.

As a first step we developed an integrated framework that would align intelligence from finance, marketing and operations. This ensured that no information was lost, and the top management was intimated with goals and targets for each department.Techniques were used to blend statistical forecasts with the market forecasts to accurately predict demand over long horizons. Models ensured that supply fluctuations and wholesaler stocking were envisioned and helped operations team plan in advance. Our continuous engagement and project management also ensured that we could modify our process according to changing business needs.

State of the art models ensured that a lot of effort was saved for demand planners and helped them concentrate on their jobs better.

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