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At Aspect Ratio we use the power of advanced analytics to fundamentally change the way people look at numbers and understand business. We have helped clients by using data and analytics to address various concerns, “ "How do we optimize inventory? ", "What markets do we need to launch our products in?", "How do we accurately predict demand to plug revenue leakage, across various business entities?"”

Our forecasts act as harbingers of insight and foresight, which we believe empowers firms to plan their future.

We believe that every business situation is unique and we customize our solutions accordingly. We take pride in collaborating with our clients to deliver solutions to complex problems. Our experience has led us to inculcate an approach that can be successful even in the most complex situations.

  • Collaborate with management to define strategies and deploy models derived from data and analytics.
  • Advanced analytical techniques are leveraged to build predictive models;
  • Right Data, Right Analytics – From the innumerable data sources available, we identify, combine and manage multiple data sources required for analyses;


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